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>$48 million dollar Referendum :if you voice a ‘NO’ in this town, you become a target.

>if you voice a ‘NO’ in this town, you become a target. Your business gets blacklisted. You don’t get invited to houses to lunch. You become a social outcast. Why? Because you are viewed as a miscreant.

I have coached, volunteered for numerous Village, sports and school groups and committees. I raised a LOT of money with other dedicated parents.

And I have seen the waste, control and abuse. I’ve had enough. I’m voting NO because it is what my conscience tells me to do. It’s what my kids would expect of me because of the values I have taught them.

I’ll never engage in the ad hominem attacks against those who disagree with me have leveled against me. However, I will never try to lie and attempt to deceive people into voting NO along with me.

I am of the opinion that that BOE has not been up-front with us and expects us to blindly follow. I will not. That is why I spend time educating myself on issues here and within Bergen County.

Here in Ridgewood, I hear the phrase “we can’t do that” instead of “why can’t we do that?”. These extreme times demand representatives on the board that have imagination and intestinal fortitude. Instead, I see capitulation and group think. The last free thinkers have been assimilated by the machine that is the BOE. I used to respect them, and unless they have a change of heart before the bond goes to vote, they will never again receive my vote or financial support.

You’re right, 1133, we should let the garbage take a rest – but I ask you, do you believe in this bind ref 100%? Because if you have any reservations that this is the latest lapse of imagination and leadership by those who work for and represent us, I would ask that you hold them to the job they promised to do.

Money will not solve this problem. It’s time for a new plan.

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