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5th District Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta Asks Fellow Republican Candidates to Make a Unified Stand to Cut Property Taxes

Republican Candidate for Congress Frank Pallotta

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Mahwah NJ,  5th District Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta asked his fellow GOP candidates to make a united stand with him to cut property taxes.  In a letter to congressional candidates John McCann, Mike Ghassali, Jim Baldini, Jon Dalrymple, and Hector Castillo, Pallotta pointed out that he was the only Republican candidate with a plan to address the problem of rising property taxes in New Jersey.

Property taxes have been a major theme of the 5th District incumbent – Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer – who has proposed undoing the Trump tax cuts as a way to address New Jersey’s highest-in-the-nation property taxes.  Pallotta has promised to “tackle the issues Gottheimer has only talked about.”


Pallotta’s plan – which he will introduce as the very first bill of the next session of Congress – is called the Property Tax Relief Act (H.R. 1). It will allow taxpayers to deduct ALL their property taxes using the federal 1040 EZ short form.  It is an above-the-line tax deduction that doesn’t require a complicated tax return or an accountant.

Frank Pallotta believes that you shouldn’t need to hire an account, to get a tax break.

To pay for this tax cut, Pallotta calls for an end to abusive corporate welfare by companies like Nike.  Like many, the footwear company is run by a leftist CEO who calls for higher taxes on the middle class while exporting jobs and taking billions in government handouts each year.  Nike gets over $2 billion a year in corporate welfare – which they use to promote causes directly and in their advertising.

Frank Pallotta wants to use the money saved from cuts to corporate welfare to pay for property tax relief.  Pallotta said, “You should be able to deduct all your property taxes, instead of Nike using it to spend on athletes who kneel during our National Anthem.”

Pallotta has asked his fellow Republicans to respond to his request that they form a united front against Gottheimer and corporate welfare – and for property tax cuts.  One such candidate, Mike Ghassali, will have the opportunity to respond this evening at a public event he is holding in Bergen County.

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