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6 Ecofriendly Countertops for Sustainable Kitchen Design

For unique, sustainable kitchen design in NJ or NYC.

When you’re planning for kitchen renovation in New Jersey or NYC, choosing sustainable building materials is a great way to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid contributing to industries that cause environmental problems. Choosing kitchen countertops is a major kitchen design consideration, providing a key focal point as well as a crucial workspace. There are many types of materials to choose from, from recycled materials to quarried natural marble.

At All Kitchen, we work with homeowners in New Jersey and New York to find sustainable kitchen design solutions. These kitchen countertop materials are a renewable and eco-friendly alternative to more problematic traditional materials, helping you create a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing beautiful design.

6 Sustainable Kitchen Countertop Materials

These kitchen countertop materials provide chic, appealing alternatives to options like natural stone, which may involve environmentally damaging mining practices, or synthetic materials, whose manufacture may emit pollution. Choosing an ecofriendly material for your kitchen counters is a great way to create sustainable kitchen design that’s as beautiful as it is environmentally responsible.

1. Salvaged Wood

Reclaimed wood countertops bring a rich personality and history to your kitchen. Kitchen design provides ample opportunity to make use of reclaimed wood, from countertops to kitchen cabinet installation. Unlike brand new wood, the aging process in reclaimed wood creates a rich patina. In some cases, the woods themselves may no longer be available new. For example, American Chestnut was a popular wood for cabinetry and furniture, until chestnut blight nearly eradicated the entire North American population of these trees. However, some homeowners have managed to find reclaimed American Chestnut wood.

2. Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops provide an interesting opportunity to incorporate salvaged and recycled wood into your kitchen design. Because butcher block is made from many smaller pieces of wood, it can be created from reclaimed or repurposed materials, like old shipping pallets or demolished buildings.

3. Bamboo Countertops

Bamboo is an unusual but highly versatile sustainable alternative to wood for countertops, cabinets, and other kitchen essentials. Bamboo isn’t wood at all– it’s actually a grass. Maturing in only five to seven years, bamboo is incredibly renewable compared to pine or hardwood trees, which take decades to mature completely. Bamboo stalks are sliced into thin strips, then pressed together into a durable wood-like material that comes in both horizontal and vertical grains. Bamboo is even stronger than many hardwoods, and will not swell or contract due to moisture.

4. Recycled Paper

Believe it or not, recycled paper can be fashioned into durable, attractive kitchen countertops. Made from a combination of post-consumer recycled paper and environmentally friendly petroleum-free resins, and pigments. The texture of the product is quite similar to soapstone, and it’s stain resistance makes it easy to maintain. Over time, they develop a warm patina. One drawback to recycled paper countertops is that they’re not particularly heat resistant, and could be damaged by temperatures over 350 degree Fahrenheit.

5. Recycled Glass

Recycled glass countertops are a durable, sustainable alternative to natural stone like marble or granite. Made from numerous tiny pieces of recycled glass held together with cement or resin polymer, their mosaic look is truly unique. Available in many color schemes, recycled glass kitchen counters have a distinctive “wow” factor that complements many colorful modern kitchen designs.

6. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a perennial favorite for sleek, contemporary kitchen designs. They can be made with up to 60% recycled materials, making stainless steel a surprisingly sustainable option. With top-notch durability and easy cleaning, stainless steel is suitable for even the most demanding commercial kitchen environments.

Sustainable Kitchen Design Solutions from Local Contractors

At All Kitchen, we work with homeowners in north New Jersey and NYC to bring their design visions to life. We’ve created many beautiful, unique, sustainable kitchens using renewable materials, energy-conserving room design and appliances, and other features that can help you minimize your household’s carbon footprint. From bamboo countertops and cabinets, to dazzling counters made from sparkling fragments of 100% recycled glass, we’ll help you find design solutions that perfectly blend sustainability, beauty, and functionality.

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  1. My wife and I are thinking about remodeling our kitchen. Currently. we have a vinyl counter top, but we want to change it out for a wood countertop. The butcher block countertop looks awesome to me, I would love to have a counter like that one.

  2. I think you can get the wood counter-top at the recycling station.

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