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A Beautiful afternoon for Memorial Day Services in Paramus

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photos courtesy of Mayor Richard LaBarbiera
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Paramus NJ, Paramus Mayor Richard LaBarbiera took part in Memorial Day Services at Memorial School ,christening the retired 105mm howitzer at Veteran’s Memorial Park .
Mayor Richard LaBarbiera stated in a Facebook post:

Beautiful afternoon for our Memorial Day services. We must never forget those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and keep them, our veterans and all those that continue to serve in our thoughts and prayers. I must also extend my sincerest thanks to:
1. Joe D’Arco who was instrumental in acquiring retired militray piece for the Veteran’s Memorial Park.
2. Joe Vergona who donated his time and equipment picking up and setting the 105mm howitzer.
3. Jordon Molano and Troop 138 under the supervision of Ed Hill for cleaning and painting the howitzer.
4. Our shade tree and dpw who finished the grounds and dressed for today’s event.
5. PD and Honor Guard for as always, a job well done.
6. Our Veterans who proudly participated in today’s services to include WW2 Vet Don who joined us today. Thank you all for your service.
6. And last but not least, the Memorial School students whose schedule we worked around so that they could participate and add music to our service.
God Bless America!
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