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A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Meditation Pillow

Meditation is one of the best ways to improve your cognitive well-being. This is a process of training your mind to concentrate and remain focused. It’s among the best ways to deal with anxiety, stress, tension, worries, fear, and other mental issues to restore calmness.

You might think that meditation is a difficult exercise. However, that’s not true. Anyone, whether old or young, can meditate. You don’t need to have special tools to meditate, but you may require a pillow to promote your comfort.

This guide has all you may want to know about a meditation pillow. You’ll learn what it is, how to select one in the market, and much more. Read on to get enlightened.


Meditation Pillow Defined 

A meditation pillow is a special tool to support your body while meditating. It also helps to boost your comfort and minimize distractions.

Another purpose of a meditation pillow is to elevate your hips above the knees and align your spine. Therefore, the idea behind using a pillow when meditating is to support the body.

There are several types of meditation cushions out there but Buckwheat Hulls pillow comes highly recommended. Why? Because these types of pillows are more moldable, contain no toxins, smell good, and are the best in controlling temperatures. You can watch the video below to get more information about buckwheat hulls meditation pillows: 


How To Find A Suitable Meditation Pillow 

With several meditation pillows on the market, sometimes it can be challenging to select the right one. This is especially true for anyone buying a pillow for the first time. Fortunately, by reading this article to the end, you’ll know how to identify the right cushion for your meditation needs.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a meditation pillow:

  • Maximum Comfort 

As noted earlier, one of the reasons why you may want to use a pillow while meditating is to enhance your comfort. It should enable you to stay in the proper position and align your spine to avoid constraints. By enhancing your comfort, you can meditate for an extended duration to get better results.

You’ll likely find many types of meditation pillows on the market. However, various available cushions provide different levels of comfort. Make sure you select a pillow that offers maximum support and comfort.

  • Durable

If you’re planning to meditate more often, you must find a durable pillow. This ensures your cushion lasts for a long period.

The primary advantage of purchasing a durable meditation pillow is to save money. You won’t return to the market soon to shop for a new pillow.

One of the best ways to choose a durable meditation pillow is to consider the quality. High-quality material can last for several months or even years. However, you must provide good care and maintenance. You can consider a Meditation Pillow from PineTales and other similar firms to find a quality product.

  • Lightweight

Better meditation will require you to be in the right state of mind. In other words, your brain must be able to focus or concentrate.

One of the things that can affect your brain functionality when meditating is fatigue. This can occur when you carry something too heavy.

In most cases, people like going to a distant place for meditation. This can be in the forest, near a lake on top of a hill, or any other silent and cool place. Therefore, you’ll be required to carry a pillow on your shoulders, especially if you decide not to travel in a car. That’s why you need to select a lightweight meditation pillow. It ensures you don’t get tired or exhausted even before reaching your destination.

  • Breathable

You all know that excess temperature can harm one’s health. This can occur when you sweat excessively, leading to dehydration. Dehydration can affect your digestion and lead to constipation.

Excess temperatures can also interfere with your meditation process. And it can cause you to sweat and lose your concentration. For that reason, you may want to find ways to maintain room temperatures when meditating. One of the best ways to achieve that is to find a breathable cushion.

Breathability is a term that refers to the ability of the material of your meditation pillow to allow air and moisture to flow within it freely. This helps regulate temperatures. For that reason, you won’t experience excess heat. Using a breathable pillow is another effective way to promote your comfort and experience while meditating.

  • Right Size

Meditation pillows come in different sizes. That’s small, medium, and large. Besides, while some are designed for adults, others are for young children. So, make sure you find the correct pillow size depending on your body.

The primary benefit of selecting a meditation pillow of the right size is to promote your support. You’ll likely not feel comfortable when you use a pillow that doesn’t perfectly fit your body. Therefore, before clicking that purchase button, ensure you’ve selected the correct size.

  • Easy to Clean

Supporting the body with a pillow is one of the best ways to get better results from your meditation. However, sometimes having a pillow can hurt your meditation process. This is especially true if you’re not washing or cleaning it.

Most materials used to make pillows can attract dust. These dirt particles can affect your health when you inhale them. For instance, you can start coughing while meditating.

Besides, a pillow can act as a hiding place for harmful insects like bedbugs and lice. Such creatures can bite you when meditating, thus interfering with the whole process. Avoid all these hassles by washing or cleaning your meditation pillow regularly. However, your pillow must be washable or easy to clean, whether using hands or a washing machine.

  • Right Shape

Although ignored by some people, the shape is another critical factor to consider when selecting a meditation pillow. This is important because the various shapes help one to achieve different objectives.

Meditation pillows come in two major shapes. That’s rectangular and u-shaped.

You can use a rectangular-shaped pillow when you want to combine meditation and yoga. On the other hand, u-shaped pillows are designed to prevent knee injury and back pains by elevating your hips.

You can also find round-shaped meditation pillows in the market. Depending on your taste and what you want to achieve with your pillow, make sure you choose the right shape.


Tips To Find The Best Meditation Pillow Store

After deciding which meditation pillow to buy, it’s now time to find a shop. Make sure you purchase your cushion from the right shop. You can achieve that by:

  • Checking the Seller’s Reputation

Shopping for a meditation pillow from an online store is one of the best ways to promote your comfort. Besides, it allows you to compare prices from different stores before making your purchase.

However, shopping online isn’t always a walk in the park and can be a complete disaster. This happens especially when you select a seller who’s not legit.

One of the best strategies to spot a legit meditation pillow shop is by checking its reputation. You can do that by reading other customers’ online comments.

A seller with more positive reviews is likely to be legit or reputable. Purchase your meditation pillow from such a firm. It’s likely to provide quality pillows and excellent service.


  • Asking For Referrals 

Today, meditation has become an essential part of most people’s lifestyles. This is because of its inevitable benefits in managing stress and other mental ailments. Therefore, you’ll likely find many people with mediation pillows in their homes. That’s why you may consider referrals to identify the right shop.

Asking for referrals involves approaching other people and requesting them to direct you to the best store where you can source your meditation pillow. You can visit them in their homes or connect through online platforms like social media.

While people can direct you to the most recognizable shop in the market, you shouldn’t make your final selection based on referrals only. Analyze all the shops you’ve got at your disposal and go for the best.


  • Finding A Shop With A Favorable Return Policy

Buying a meditation pillow from an online store is highly convenient. However, it also comes with some challenges. For instance, you can make an order but get the wrong product delivered to you. This can force you to order another pillow which attracts extra cost. You may also encounter shipping delays or damage. That’s why you need a shop with a favorable return policy.

A return policy is a written document by the seller to the buyer promising to repair or replace a product if it doesn’t serve the intended purpose. Therefore, with the return policy, you can the seller can take back the wrong meditation pillow in exchange for another one.



If you’ve decided to start meditating, you must ensure you’ve got the right tools. One of these tools is a meditation pillow to support and comfort your body. Make sure you choose the right pillow from a reputable shop.


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