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A message from Chief John Ward

A message from Chief John Ward 

On Behalf of the Ridgewood Police I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the residents of Ridgewood for your outpouring of support over the past 12 days. Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on our community, leaving most of us with no power, in the cold, and very long gas lines. During and after the storm, residents and some business dropped off hot food and coffe

e to us. We received a tremendous amount of cooperation from various community organizations and houses of worship. We witnessed and received reports of neighbors helping neighbors. 
I would also like to acknowledge the men and women of our Police department, Fire department, Emergency Services and Public Works who repeated placed themselves in harms way during the storm and have been working tirelessly in the recovery effort. We appreciate your support and are honored to be a part of this community.
Chief John M. Ward

2 thoughts on “A message from Chief John Ward

  1. Thank you Chief … your Mayor also called Village residents with similar advice and concerns.

    Stay Safe…. Dom

  2. Get a life Dom.

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