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A question of homework: tenafly parents protest the load, joining nationwide trend


A question of homework: tenafly parents protest the load, joining nationwide trend


TENAFLY — Pressured by parents, school district officials are considering lowering the stress of homework with such measures as homework-free nights and vacations, and giving students more information about the demands they will face in choosing courses.

The district also will organize workshops for parents on reducing children’s stress.

The measures are being taken after a group of high school parents confronted the school board, arguing that homework is wreaking havoc on their children’s lives.

Tenafly is just the latest of many districts nationwide trying new approaches amid the high-stakes competition for college that has fueled an intense schedule of testing and nightly homework in local districts.

The parents’ group, Rational Homework Review, says the heavy workload prevents their children from maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting adequate sleep. They also argue that some assignments lack educational value.

Other school districts statewide, including Ridgewood and Glen Rock, have reexamined homework policies or changed them in recent years to help balance students’ lives. Nationally, an anti-homework backlash has been spurred in part by studies on sleep deprivation among teens, a plethora of books about the homework craze and a documentary called “Race to Nowhere” about students in a pressured educational environment.

7 thoughts on “A question of homework: tenafly parents protest the load, joining nationwide trend

  1. Poor babies and the parents who feel they are entitled, we all survived it and so will the current crop of children.

  2. Those back packs get heavier and heavier and can cause those back pains — who can you blame now ?
    Oh well —

  3. A good teacher doesn’t need to rely on hours of repetition after school.

    My best math teachers would lecture a bit, then pop a quiz on the board and walk around to see who was getting it or not.

    One even used to have two homework groups: group A got a light load, and group B got a heavy load. You guessed it: if you demonstrated in class that you were learning the material, you were in group A.

    I don’t know if you would be able to get away with that today. Helicopter parents and all. I would love to end my career as a teacher, but I would last about three months in a school like RHS, because I could care less if little Tanner or Gunner or Madison’s chance at Yale is compromised by a bad test score.

  4. Pretty obvious #1, #2, and #3 don’t have any kids in the Ridgewood Schools.

  5. no to all that home work. some studying yes,

  6. What does he expect he has take 5 honor classes

  7. It’s not just homework that needs to be balanced. The time commitment required to play high school sports has also become unhealthy. Families no longer have access to 3 day weekends or school vacations, and summer vacations have been limited to one week. Ridiculous.

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