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Achieving Youthful Skin With The Latest Technology

The beauty needs of both men and women are always increasing and there are new treatments and beauty products being developed all the time to meet these needs. Skincare in particular has always been a top concern and smooth, flawless skin is one of the most desired beauty traits.

There are many different treatments, lotions and creams that can help you to take care of your skin but with so many options available it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is effective and what isn’t. To help clear up the confusion, this article is a guide to achieving youthful skin with the latest technology.

Here are some skincare treatments you might consider to keep it healthy and youthful.

Botox Treatments

During this treatment, the skin is injected with a protein called Botox which has been proven to increase skin elasticity and prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Botox has become a very popular treatment all over the world because it is a fast option, is extremely cost-effective and has instant and long-lasting results. There is essentially no recovery time after getting Botox treatment so you can get it whenever you have a spare hour which makes it incredibly convenient.

It is vital to source a reputable Botox clinic with qualified technicians because it can be very dangerous to receive treatment from poorly trained technicians with unsuitable equipment. There are many Botox clinics in every major city so check out online reviews and find a great clinic near you.

Massage Machine Facial Treatment

This is one simple but really effective skincare method that women can do at home. Massage machine facial treatments stop the skin from sagging and help to bind collagen and elastin fibers which prevent skin aging. A facial massage with a massage machine also helps to remove dirt from the pores which is a major cause of greasy skin, acne and premature skin aging. If you only hand wash your face, it’s not possible to clean your face thoroughly. A facial massage machine cleans your face up to 20 times more than washing your face by hand.

After a long working day, your skin also needs to relax and massage machines have many different features to help circulate the blood vessels under the skin. This makes the skin bright, smooths wrinkles, prevents sagging, and slows down the aging process. As well as your face, your neck also needs special care as this is where the signs of age are most pronounced. Regularly massage this area from bottom to top as this helps to significantly reduce wrinkles around the neck.

Detoxify Skin in the Sauna

Thirty minutes in the sauna is a very effective skincare method that helps to clear out the pores leaving your face brighter after cleansing. In the process of steaming, the pores of the skin expand, and the sebum and dirt in the pores are cleared out. Under the influence of heat, blood vessels under the skin circulate blood better, which helps the skin become ruddy and toned.

Combined with a massage after the sauna, collagen fibers under the skin are stimulated which increases skin elasticity and prevents sagging and skin aging.

There are a few points to note when using the sauna in order to avoid drying out your skin or causing acne:

Clean your face before entering the sauna,
Do not use the sauna with open wounds, or with red or irritated skin,
After exiting the sauna use lotion, serum or a face mask to moisturize the skin,
Apply sunscreen when being exposed to the sun after the sauna.

Biological Light Technology

Biological light technology uses infrared LED lights with different levels of light intensity to take care of a range of skin issues. Different colored lights have different effects on the skin:

Red light: promotes cellular activity, increases metabolic concentration, promotes collagen formation, whitens skin, reduces wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and slows signs of aging.
Blue light: reduces inflammation and works as an effective treatment for acne.
Green light: reduces skin oil secretion, balances water and oil, effectively reduces mental stress. May also help to improve pigmentation problems from conditions like sun and poor nutrition.
Yellow light: improves cellular oxygen exchange, replenishes skin cells, promotes blood circulation, improves rough skin, treats redness, and strengthens immunity.
Purple light: a combination of light frequencies; works particularly well in treating acne and removing acne scars.
Turquoise light: boosts cellular energy, metabolism.

It is really important to take good care of your skin, not just because it will help you to look great but also because unhealthy skin can lead to more serious problems. With so many great skin treatment options available and the development of amazing new technology, achieving youthful skin has never been easier!

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