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>Advocating for the Budget Committee ABC

>April 16, 2009

Dear Neighbor,

Join me in supporting the Ridgewood School Budget at the polls on April 21st. The 2009-2010 budget rises to the current financial challenges before us, adheres to the statutory constraints imposed by the State of NJ and meets the educational expectations of our community.

Key Points-
1.Unprecedented financial challenges balanced by strong decisions to support the core values of our community.
2. Fully explores cost saving measures with professional service providers, bargaining units, and purchasing consortiums to bring the most value to the taxpayer.
3. Moves us forward to meet the educational needs of our students by maintaining class sizes, curriculum work, textbook materials, and professional development for our staff.
4. Continues our commitment to facilities improvements.

The hard decisions have already been made. We encourage you to support the Ridgewood School Budget in the voting booth on April 21st by voting, “YES”. A budget defeat will likely result in further cuts to the education offered Ridgewood’s children.

Let’s not let that happen.

Advocating for the Budget Committee

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