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Americans Headed Back to Sporting Events and Restaurants But Still Not the Office

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Ridgewood NJ, Kastle, the company that makes the fobs that allow people to unlock office buildings and individual offices has published some fascinating research comparing visits to the office versus visits to other mostly recreational activities, like flying on planes or attending a sporting event.  The results show mostly full recoveries of everything except visits to the office.

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Only half as many workers are reporting in to the office – and apparently working at home – than prior to the pandemic.


One thought on “Americans Headed Back to Sporting Events and Restaurants But Still Not the Office

  1. Companies need to accept that there just isn’t enough of an incentive for employees to sacrifice 3-4 hours a day commuting to go into an office where they are likely to spend part or most of their day on Zoom calls with colleagues who live elsewhere. If companies don’t accept this, reshuffling and the costs related to attrition will continue. COVID changed our perspective on life. I missed most of the first year of my daughter’s life because of work/commute. Pre-COVID I’d leave for work at 5:45am before she was awake, and in the evening if I left early and there were no train delays, I’d be able to give her a hug before bedtime. My twins were born during COVID and I’ve been able to see them every day and watch them grow. So… sorry, I’m happy to go into the office here and there for strategy, planning and training sessions when we are all together, but not day-to-day. You’d be asking me to put my work above my family, and while lots of us did that for many many years, we have all seen that that no longer needs to be the case.

    I think it’s a combination of (a) pressure from city officials to get people back in the office to stimulate the economy, (b) antiqued executives can’t stomach that they spent a majority of their lives doing something that could have been done in a much more balanced way so they want others to go through the same “pain” as they did, and (c) many more flexible work options for everyone now… lots of places offering competitive pay and remote work.

    I think most probably have the same sentiment as me… want to MAKE me go into the office “x” days per week? Well… it was great working with you!

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