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Another Company looks to leave High Tax Bergen County


Another Company looks to leave High Tax Bergen County 

Mercedes-Benz reportedly weighing move to Atlanta from Montvale


The German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is looking to move its 1,000-employee North American headquarters from Montvale to Atlanta, several sources said Tuesday.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle first reported on Tuesday that Mercedes-Benz USA is considering the move. A company spokesman declined to comment on the report, but several sources told The Record that Mercedes-Benz was indeed considering leaving Bergen County. One source within the company told The Record that an announcement on a move may come in January, at a company reception.

“As a matter of policy, the company does not comment on rumors or speculation,” said Mercedes-Benz spokesman Rob Moran.

If the reports are accurate, Mercedes-Benz would be the latest in a string of major companies to move their corporate headquarters from Bergen County to the South. The car-rental company Hertz moved from Park Ridge to south Florida, and the BubbleWrap maker Sealed Air is moving from Elmwood Park to Charlotte, N.C., both with the help of tax incentives from those states.

Montvale would be losing its second-largest private employer, behind the accounting giant KPMG, according to the Bergen County Economic Development Corp. Mercedes-Benz is among the top 10 corporate employers in the county and paid $916,700 in local taxes on its properties this year, according to the borough’s website.

6 thoughts on “Another Company looks to leave High Tax Bergen County

  1. Although there are other important considerations as to where they need their corporate headquarters, costs far outweigh them all. I’m sure that they can get a better deal in terms of State tax, employee compensation, and real estate in Georgia. This is a principle completely lost on Democrats who call for higher taxes, and when these businesses leave, the best they can do is shout “greedy” to the departed, leaving behind vacant spaces and pink slips.

  2. Send a ‘thank you’ note to the Democrats in Trenton.
    This is the result of an over-taxed, over-regulate employer with GOOD JOBS leaving the state for someplace that is FAIR to business.
    These morons running the state think they can tax tax tax… well guess what…there won’t be anyone left here to tax except state, municipal, and federal employees since private business, the real job creators, will go elsewhere.

  3. They have not left yet.

  4. Anonymous:

    They have not left yet.

    Not yet, but it’s clear that they will unless they can reach some kind of deal.

  5. Yeah #3, you know, like a nice pension enhancement deal…

  6. Anonymous:

    They have not left yet.

    what are you offering for them to stay?

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