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>Anthropogenic Global Warming = anti-human race

>I believe that modern progagandists for Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), like former Ridgewood resident James Hanson, are, at heart, anti-human race. What they are truly interested in is global population control. They care little about the average temperature of the earth, or about CO2 levels in the atmosphere in particular, so much as they care about reducing, eliminating, or reversing the growth of human population on earth.

Every human problem pales before that of overpoplulation, in their view. It has become their life-long obsession.

In citing apparently elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere that they claim cannot be otherwise explained, they believe that they are asserting “smoking gun” evidence of a human “fingerprint” on the earth. Having found this, they labored long and hard to figure out a way to use it to their advantage. Eventually seizing on the arguably ‘thin reed’ argument that CO2 in its gaseous form is bad because it contributes to so-called global warming, they pound away at the lectern, demanding that countries worldwide do what is necessary to do to reduce, eliminate, or reverse the growth of gaseous CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

On the surface of their public argument, they dwell on what they consider to be necessary changes to the global economic world order to achieve at least some measurable impact on CO2 levels (i.e., as compared to what would otherwise have been expected absent such CO2 mitigation efforts). But deep down inside, they know full well that in order to achieve this goal, human population growth on earth will need to be arrested completely, if not reversed.

Hence the near panic-style rhetoric used. They need to get us into such a frenzy about the state of our surroundings and the apparent human impact thereon as to cause us to rein in the most basic human urge–the urge to reproduce. I would not be surprised to learn that every individual currently occupying a leadership role in fomenting a public panic about so-called Anthropogenic Global Warming is a dyed-in-the-wool population control fanatic (much like our current science Czar, and prominent proponent of the ‘science’ of Eugenics, John Holdren), and has been for decades.

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