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Apartment proposals would change village


Apartment proposals would change village

Barbara B. Eaton

December 12, 2014    Last updated: Friday, December 12, 2014, 1:51 PM
The Ridgewood News

To the editor:

Thank you to all who planned and worked, mentally and physically, to ring in the Christmas season, attract and please all the faiths in town, make everyone feel welcome, and spread friendliness and joy.

The music, speeches, tree decorated, Santa on his way, shops waiting a busy time … and then it rains.

My family and I moved to Ridgewood in 1950. I have led a very active volunteer life and was often involved with outdoor events, so I well know that awful feeling about the weather, so my heart goes out to all who were in charge for the lovely Christmas tree lighting event. Again, thank you to all.

After having raised a family in a house here in town, I moved to a then-brand new apartment near the railroad station and for years have enjoyed a view of the tree from my living room, so I have shared with so many the beauty of our village at Christmas.

Every week, I read your paper regarding the plans and dreams of the brave people who volunteer to tackle the past, present and not tested problems of the future. I would like to warn that going the way of a lot more apartments is going to change the feeling of the town, not only in appearance but the people whom would be interested in occupying them.

I do not know whether the apartments will be rentals or condos. They would draw different people. Really, neither would be particularly interested in the life of the town particularly if they commute to work. In many cases, if the tenants or owners are retired, there is a good chance they would have a second home some place other than New Jersey.

3 thoughts on “Apartment proposals would change village

  1. This is a thoughtful letter but I have to disagree. Multi-unit housing is preferable to deteriorating empty lots, and environmentally makes better use of land and resources.
    Today there are fewer drivers, smaller families and a huge baby boomer population who will find this an attractive lifestyle option. Presumably any expanded services needed to accommodate this growth will be absorbed by the additional tax base.
    I’ve lived in a Ridgewood single family house 20+ years, kids done with college; would welcome some options to stay in town without the responsibility of home ownership/maintenance.

  2. “Different people”
    What do you mean, “different”
    Your 1950’s mentality is showing.
    The town, not “the village”, has changed and Norman Rockwell dosen’t live here anymore.
    If you plan on staying here get used to it.

  3. Excellent letter — most folks living here don’t want another 400 or 500 apartments downtown — or the other buildings that will follow these initial proposals.

    To the person who commented “I’ve lived in a Ridgewood single family house 20+ years, kids done with college;” — you are in luck — i saw rental signs on the apartments in town today. Call a realtor and they will help you find a rental. Or, you can move ten minutes down the road to Hackensack where you will find abundant rentals.

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