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Apartments would change village


Apartments would change village

To the editor:

Thank you to all who planned and worked, mentally and physically, to ring in the Christmas season, attract and please all the faiths in town, make everyone feel welcome, and spread friendliness and joy.

The music, speeches, tree decorated, Santa on his way, shops waiting a busy time … and then it rains.

My family and I moved to Ridgewood in 1950. I have led a very active volunteer life and was often involved with outdoor events, so I well know that awful feeling about the weather, so my heart goes out to all who were in charge for the lovely Christmas tree lighting event. Again, thank you to all.

After having raised a family in a house here in town, I moved to a then-brand new apartment near the railroad station and for years have enjoyed a view of the tree from my living room, so I have shared with so many the beauty of our village at Christmas.

Every week, I read your paper regarding the plans and dreams of the brave people who volunteer to tackle the past, present and not tested problems of the future. I would like to warn that going the way of a lot more apartments is going to change the feeling of the town, not only in appearance but the people whom would be interested in occupying them.

I do not know whether the apartments will be rentals or condos. They would draw different people. Really, neither would be particularly interested in the life of the town particularly if they commute to work. In many cases, if the tenants or owners are retired, there is a good chance they would have a second home some place other than New Jersey.

Children need their “own” special place, and a roped-off area with swings etc. is not the same as “my yard.” I have seen this happen.

Since I am really old, I do not think any place catering to people who need wheelchairs or visible showings of infirmities is exactly the environment you want on a main street of a village. I can imagine some of the comments people are thinking reading this, but let’s face it, you are thinking big changes for the town. Everything has to be put on the table. I do not think Ridgewood wants the reputation of catering to the elderly. God bless us, the elderly.

Thanks again to all.

Barbara B. Eaton


10 thoughts on “Apartments would change village

  1. Sad letter.

    She is against the apts/condos but does not make a clear point.

  2. I think she makes a clear point – that the new proposed large developments would change the nature of Ridgewood.

  3. I think she is referring to the assisted living proposal for the walnut street redevelopment lot…maybe. 5 to 6 stories high and over 80 units of assisted living. maybe that is what she is referring to because none of these apartments are 55 and over?

  4. OMG people…..what do you mean “would” change the nature of Ridgewood?
    Take a good look around you….TOO LATE.
    It’s not a “village” anymore and the only “nature” around is the duck pond and we’ll pave that over in good time as well.
    The hospital is going to expand…..
    The apartments are going to be built…
    Sell your house, sell the kids, sell the wife and move to Sussex if you want nature.

  5. “nature”
    as in “the basic or inherent features of something, especially when seen as characteristic of it.”
    synonyms: essence, inherent/basic/essential qualities, inherent/basic/essential

  6. Sorry, number four, Ridgewood is my lovely village. I live near three parks and a wetland besides. So smarten up. We will save the Village of Ridgewood and keep it to the master plan and honor our forefathers who wanted the Village kept to size the better to raise families here. We don’t want high density. How about YOU moving to Hackensack or Hoboken, if you want high apt. buildings.

  7. It is interesting to note that the writer of the letter lives in an apartment. Does that mean she is one of those “different” people who she implies are undesirable because they will change the “feeling” of the Village ? What a hypocrite !!

  8. I live by four parks, my friend. Twinney Pond, Leuning, Graydon, Maple. And I frequent all of them in different seasons.

    Ridgewood is a Village and will stay a Village if we stick to the master plan as our forefathers intended.

    We are very fortunate to have a town in NJ that is not high density. High density would change the character and quality of the town,negatively.

    So YOU, my friend move to Hackensack or Hoboken.

  9. 6 and 8 you just don’t get it…..
    It’s done….over…..kaput…..
    The “master plan” is toast and you know it….
    You don’t live In a “village” anymore and it’s not all about YOU. The planners are working with developers that are greesing the politicos and as such nothing is going to stop them least of all nostalgic townies. Prepare for the future…’s on your doorstep.

  10. “I do not think any place catering to people who need wheelchairs or visible showings of infirmities is exactly the environment you want on a main street of a village”

    No, let’s put them someplace we don’t have to actually look at them.

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