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Are You Headed To Las Vegas? Here Are All The Places You Simply Must Visit!

The USA is a popular holiday destination for many people. If someone was asked to list famous places in America, Las Vegas would appear high on the list. Anyone who thinks it only has casinos would be missing the mark. 

It contains a wide variety of different places and facilities. Anyone who spends a week there will only be scratching the surface. Perhaps you are headed that way soon. If so, let’s talk about some places you should put on your itinerary.

Bowling Venues 

This can be a great weather-proof activity for the whole family, and an opportunity to let off steam. A visit to this Website demonstrates that people want to experience luxury as they play, such as world-class Brunswick Pro Anvil lanes and GSZ pinsetters. Folk also enjoy having USBC certified coaches, and alleys with varying degrees of difficulty. 

The Neon Museum

It’s amazing how many massive buildings have been demolished in Las Vegas over the years. Fortunately, history enthusiasts have rescued over 150 neon signs from the past. This venue presents the chance to see some of the many facades, plates, and signs.

As you view these items (some dating back to the 1930s) you’ll feel a real sense of history, and a celebration of Las Vegas’s past. 

The Mob Museum 

Officially speaking, this is the National Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement. It may surprise you to learn that Las Vegas used to be controlled by ‘the mob.’ Even stand-up comedians had to comply with them if they wanted to continue. 

This venue isn’t for the faint-hearted, and certainly not for children: some of the artifacts are quite gruesome. As with the Neon Museum, you can learn about the history of Las Vegas, including its fashion and culture. Video technology is also harnessed to provide a hi-tech experience. 

The Stratosphere Tower

If you’re looking for the highest building in Nevada, this is it. At 1150 feet, you can enjoy an incredible view of the city. 

If sightseeing isn’t enough you can opt for a scary ride, and jump from 829 feet! There are several options, including Insanity, X-Scream, Big Shot, and Sky Jump. 

The High Roller Ferris Wheel

Welcome to the world’s largest. You’ll find it located at the Linq promenade, but you’ll see it a way off. It’s 550 feet high and has a diameter of 520 feet. Imagine one thousand passengers on at a time, and traveling round in 28 different pods. Each of these can contain between thirty and forty people at a time. 

You’ll have a thirty-minute ride as you go round once. As you do, you’ll have access to spectacular views of the Strip. This is a section of land stretching 3km, right through the heart of Sin City. 

The Bellagio Casino And Fountain Show

You may recognize the casino from some of the many films and television programs based in Las Vegas.

What people enjoy here is the variety of things found in one place. There’s the Gallery of Fine Arts and the Conservatory. Added to that are the Botanical Gardens, and a fountain that reaches high into the sky every 15 minutes.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Should you be wary of the sights and sounds of the city, this can be your escape. It’s possible to go cycling or hiking here or to simply have a scenic car journey. 

Simply head off 25km towards the red hills of the Mojave Desert. It’s rugged terrain, and you’ll need to have plenty of water, a dependable car, and a good map. 

The Hoover Dam

Once again you’ll have a chance to see things from a high vantage point. It has a curved cement facade that’s 726 feet high. You can take guided tours around this famous landmark, enjoying this miracle of engineering. 

The Dam is on the Colorado River. You can take a boat trip on Lake Mead if you want; it’s the country’s largest reservoir. You won’t be far from the Grand Canyon if you want to visit two major places in one day. 

Time forbids the discussion of other equally exciting venues, including Paris, Las Vegas with its 46 story model of the Eiffel Tower. Whether you want to take your chances in the casino, learn about history or admire nature, this is the place for you. No doubt you will return from your trip with photos and memories that you will treasure for a lifetime, and you may even plan a return journey.  


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