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Assembly Candidate Calls for NJ Transit Executive Compensation to be Tied to On-time Performance


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East Brunswick NJ, Following the recent announcement that 8 top NJ Transit officials were offered substantial pay increases, while on-time performance remains poor and commuters are going through their third straight “summer of hell”, Assembly candidate Jeffrey Brown called for NJ Transit executive compensation to be tied to the on time percentage of NJ Transit trains.

Specifically, all non-union NJ Transit salaried employees’ base salaries will remain the same, but they will only receive the percentage of their base salary corresponding to the on-time performance (within 6 minutes of scheduled time) of NJ Transit trains.  Based on numbers from June 2019, this would equate to 90% of their salary.

While 90% may sound like a solid performance, the on-time performance metric is far lower when only considering trains into New York Penn Station, which makes up a substantial portion of NJ Transit ridership.

“Its time for NJ Transit executives to take ownership of the terrible product they are offering NJ commuters, and the best way to do this is to tie their compensation to on-time performance.  This will force NJ Transit executives to find solutions to problems, and get commuters to work, instead of blaming Amtrak.” Stated Brown. “If the NJ Transit leadership is worth even a fraction of what they are being paid, I am confident that on-time performance will approach 100%, like the Japanese Shinkansen, and the executives will get the salaries they claim to be so deserving of.”

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