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At 30, Ridgewood preschool is still growing


At 30, Ridgewood preschool is still growing
Monday September 16, 2013, 1:30 PM
The Ridgewood News

Thirty years since it was founded, Ridgewood’s Infant/Toddler Development Center (ITDC) at the Glen School remains a place of fun, learning and socialization for dozens of local children – infants through kindergarteners – each year.

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Boys at the Infant/Toddler Development Center work on their motor skills.

Adding to the adorable play kitchens, silly googly eyes for arts and crafts, and fun learning games, the ITDC has enhanced offerings this fall to celebrate its three-decade anniversary.

Geri “Miss Geri” Finizia, the center’s director for the past 20 years, walked into a room of 1-year-olds on a recent summer day, greeting children by name.

“What are you painting?” she asked one boy.

“Orange,” he responded.

When asked to share a funny story, several staff members had difficulty coming up with only one. One time, said administrative assistant Lynda Pisani, a student asked if she and Finizia “lived” in their office together.

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