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Back to School: Potential Negative Consequences Associated with a Later Start Time for Ridgewood High School Students

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Ridgewood NJ, a later start time for school kids, particularly adolescents and teenagers, can have both positive and negative consequences. It’s important to note that the impact can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the age group in question. Here are some potential negative consequences associated with a later start time for school:

  1. Disruption of schedules: A later start time may disrupt the schedules of parents and guardians who need to adjust their work hours to accommodate the new school schedule. This can create logistical challenges for families.
  2. Extracurricular activities: A delayed start time may lead to a shorter school day, potentially limiting the time available for extracurricular activities, sports, or part-time jobs. Students might have less time for activities they enjoy or need for personal development.
  3. After-school programs: Some parents rely on after-school programs or childcare services to care for their children when they are not in school. A later start time could lead to increased costs or difficulties in coordinating these services.
  4. Transportation issues: Changing school start times can impact transportation systems, leading to increased costs for school districts or longer commutes for students who rely on buses.
  5. Conflicts with other commitments: Students who have responsibilities or commitments outside of school, such as jobs, internships, or family responsibilities, may find it challenging to balance these commitments with a later school start time.
  6. Reduced sleep duration: While the intention of a later start time is to allow students to get more sleep, some students may still stay up late due to other commitments or habits. This could lead to inadequate sleep if they do not adjust their bedtime accordingly.
  7. Reduced family time: A later school start time might result in students returning home later in the day, reducing the amount of quality family time, which is important for social and emotional development.
  8. Adjustments for teachers: Teachers may also need to adjust their schedules and routines to accommodate a later start time, which can be challenging for educators.

It’s important to note that many of these negative consequences can be mitigated with careful planning, clear communication, and community support. The potential benefits of a later start time, such as improved academic performance, better mental and physical health, and enhanced overall well-being, may outweigh these drawbacks. Additionally, the specific impact of a later start time can vary from one school district to another based on their unique circumstances and resources.

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10 thoughts on “Back to School: Potential Negative Consequences Associated with a Later Start Time for Ridgewood High School Students

  1. Stop whining.

  2. ALWAYS be mindful of unintended consequences.

  3. Ridulous…get your ass out of bed

  4. Hmmm 🤔

  5. looking fwd to the 5:55am flag football practices

  6. Just after strongly supporting the delayed start for RHS, many of these supporters are now whining about bus schedule changes for the lower lever schools etc. You can’t make this up. Are these people really so shallow that they jump on a new bandwagon as soon as the new ‘cool” thing comes out of “science studies” without thinking of the side effects?! The name lib.t.ard is well deserved. LOL

  7. Get over it! It’s no longer the “Late Start Initiative”.

    It’s now just the start time!

    Do you mean to tell me that 2 months ago when your kids were going to GWMS and BFMS (at the same time) everything was fine BUT NOW that they are at RHS your whole family is thrown out of sorts!!??

  8. I would have given anything to be able to get up later in school.

  9. Late Start …. Just like Climate Change and COVID Mask hoaxes….

  10. So what time is start time.

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