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Cresskill NJ, Conservative Republican businessman Fred Schneiderman announced today that he will be a candidate for Congress.  Schneiderman, a Bergen County resident, who resides in the Borough of Cresskill, said he will seek the Republican congressional nomination to challenge the three-term incumbent US Rep. Josh Gottheimer in November.

“Josh Gottheimer boasts about the so-called bipartisan ‘Problem Solvers Caucus’ in Congress, but he votes with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden 96% of the time,” said Cresskill businessman Fred Schneiderman in announcing his campaign for U.S. Congress.

Schneiderman has retained Larry Weitzner, the lead ad maker for President Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns, and Kellyanne Conway, who served as President Trump’s 2016 campaign manager. Weitzner and Conway have extensive personal and professional ties to the Garden State.

“The Democrat-controlled Congress whose left-wing agenda is wreaking havoc on America—needs to be fired in 2022.  They have failed America. They have given us runaway inflation, government mandates and foolish spending.  Despite all the posturing and posing, Josh Gottheimer is part of the problem as he is in lockstep with the Biden-Pelosi socialist agenda,” observed Fred Schneiderman, the founder of FBS Properties, an energy & investment company.

On election day, Fifth District voters can express their dissatisfaction with Democrat-sponsored socialism by flipping the House and retiring Mr. Gottheimer.  In 2022, New Jersey voters can reject the programs that have increased prices at the gas pump, the grocery store, made our southern border unsecure, and created a hiring crisis by paying people not to work. The problem will be solved when we reject their policies and the politicians like Gottheimer that vote for them,” Schneiderman added.

“Inflation is at a 40-year high, small businesses and schools have not fully recovered from extended lockdowns, and our standing abroad has been diminished,” said Schneiderman. Josh Gottheimer, self-declared problem solver, is creating a larger economic problem for working Americans by pushing trillions in irresponsible federal spending. Now in his 6th year as a Congressman, Gottheimer “has shown himself out of touch with the New Jersey district residents who he is supposed to represent,” added Schneiderman, a graduate of the Dwight-Englewood school in Englewood and a husband and father.
In a letter to Fifth District GOP leaders, Schneiderman wrote, “I am running to put a stop …to the lack of pure common sense that is Congress’ unrestrained spending; …to stop the ludicrous ‘woke’ cultural attacks on America’s institutions and law-abiding individuals…to stop the assault on our communities, our schools, our law enforcement and our borders.”

If the Gottheimer-backed, Biden-Pelosi hyper-spending plan gets passed in the Senate, working people can expect to see the American economy shrink and inflation to continue to increase at an alarming rate.  Im in this campaign to promote smart, common sense fiscal policies that dont rob citizens of their earnings through the hidden tax of inflation,” Schneiderman observed.

The district is a swing district as seen from the recent 2021 Gubernatorial race which was a statistical dead heat between incumbent Phil Murphy and challenger Jack Ciattarelli. When the race becomes about Biden/Pelosi, it will swing even further Republican.


  1. Get ahead with Fred !

  2. Let’s get rid of do nothing Gottheimer.
    Taxes and the price of everything has sky rocketed under him. He only cares about potential new voters.

  3. Little Josh claims to be ‘problem solver’.
    Then why does he vote with Pelosi’s agenda ?
    Lets for for Fred. PROBLEM SOLVED

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