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Bergen County Historical Society : Chwame Gischuch, Under the Shad Moon at Historic New Bridge Landing

Bergen County Historical Society
River Edge NJ, Chwame Gischuch, Under the Shad Moon at Historic New Bridge Landing , If you get a chance to visit at our event tomorrow (5/2/21), notice what a unique experience this public private park is. It’s a miracle this richly complex and storied location survives in the most populated county in the most populated state in the country. Bergen County Historical Society is proud to have the vision and wherewithal to help provide leadership and peoplepower as stewards of the museum site and our headquarters, Historic New Bridge Landing. Bergen County Historical Society, 501c3 non-profit volunteer org, 100% of your donations go to our mission.

Fiber and Stone in Prehistoric Hackensack Valley with Primitive Technologist Steven Adams. Museum site open to tour. Children’s take-away activities.
Sunday, May 2, 2021, 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Ponder the means and methods of life back when ‘upgrades’ came every so many thousands of years, and ‘apps’ were found in the Elders and acquired through respect.
Look through time into the ancient past and see how fiber is separated from plants to be hand-spun into twine. Listen to the cracking of rocks as they are worked into tools with antler, wood and other stones.
Primitive technologist Steve Adams offers a demonstration of the hardware which provided for food, clothing and shelter with comfort in Pre-Contact cultures. Discussion will be welcome during this open-air presentation.
Arthur Kirmss will be demonstrating wampum making and sharing selections from his collections
In this unique presentation, Arthur Kirmss provides a live demonstration of the Native American and 17th c. craft of shell wampum bead making, creating an immersive experience of the past. The tools used are handmade working replicas of original types, like the wooden bow drill. Included is a meaningful display of original Dutch, Native American and other relics significant to the wampum making era (circa 1620-1700), as well as shell and rock specimens. Arthur presents the intercultural blend of Native invention and achievement along with the Dutch contribution of skills and tools that spurred economic and cultural development.
Tour the Steuben House and see BCHS Collections including a new wampum exhibit.
Stop by the Westervelt-Thomas Barn to see a broom making demonstration and be sure to visit with the blacksmith on site to see what he is making.
Do not forget to visit the society’s authentic Jersey Dutch out-kitchen to see shad and corn being prepared by BCHS interpreters.
Children’s take-away activities include corn husk doll making, seed planting, and a scavenger hunt with a prize. Gift shop items available.
Face masks are required and please practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart. The society also asks that visitors fill out a Covid form which is available on the website prior to this event. Extra copies will be available at the site.
Ticket reservations: $12 adults, $7 students, BCHS members free. Free parking available on site or take the train to “New Bridge Landing” on the Pascack Valley Line. Dogs are permitted on site on a leash, not in the houses.
For ticket reservations and more information visit the society’s website
100% goes to our mission!
The event is subject to change.
Historic New Bridge Landing, 1201 Main St, River Edge, NJ.


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