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Bergen County Police Will Conduct K-9 Drill and Locker Search at Ridgewood High School


Bergen County Police Will Conduct K-9 Drill and Locker Search at Ridgewood High School
October 31,2014
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Bergen County Police Department plan to conduct a K-9 drill at Ridgewood High School sometime during the fall, according to school officials.The drill will be conducted on a random day  and lockers will be arbitrary searched .

“The K-9 exercise will occur this fall on a school day randomly selected by the Ridgewood Police Department as one of the required monthly lockdown drill scenarios. Students will be secure in their classrooms at the time of the drill and class interruption will be minimal. Instruction will not be negatively impacted, nor will students come in contact with the canines or police.

The intent of the K-9 search drill is to enhance security protocols, but the exercise will also address concerns regarding possible disruptions to the educational process that may be occurring clandestinely.  While it is a drill, any positive findings will be handled directly and appropriately by the Ridgewood High School administration, in accordance with New Jersey statute, Board of Education policy and police regulations.  ”

According to the Bergen County Police website ,the Bergen County Police Department Canine Unit was established in 1975 with two Police Officers and two German Shepherd Dogs. The initial K9 teams were trained by the Philadelphia Police Department to aid investigations using their keen sense of smell for tracking and building searches.  In the 30 plus years that the unit has been in existence it has evolved into a full time, full service K9 unit serving the law enforcement agencies of the region and the residents of Bergen County with comprehensive K9 functions. These functions include:

The Unit is currently comprised of dual purpose K-9 teams cross-trained in Narcotics detection, Explosive detection and Accelerant detection for arson investigation. Since its inception, the K9 Unit has responded to over 25,000 calls for service from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Since the K-9 Unit was established, it has been responsible for the seizure large quantities of controlled substances, the apprehension of numerous criminal actors, locating missing persons, locating evidence and proceeds from crimes scenes, and the seizure of large amounts of currency used in criminal activity.

In an email to parents, school officials said all schools are now required to conduct one fire drill and one school security drill per month.




11 thoughts on “Bergen County Police Will Conduct K-9 Drill and Locker Search at Ridgewood High School

  1. The Bergen County Sheriff’s Department recently conducted a similar drill at the Glen Rock Middle School/High School campus.

  2. So we are teaching kids that the police are not really there to help them, they are there to search them for drugs. This seems to work counter to the idea of an security drill when you would be trying to get kids to work with the police. It is a great way to get kids to hide out instead of evacuating or to avoid cops instead of looking for them to help.

    The real message being sent here is “Don’t call the cops if you see something suspicious because then they will bring in the dogs and arrest you or your pals for having a bag of grass. ”

    The security drills are asinine to begin with but polluting them with a school-wide drug search is even dumber.

  3. Why would advance notice of this search be issued? Any kid who has drugs found in his/her locker during the search needs to be checked into a mental health facility due to extreme stupidity. At the very least, they need to reconsider their career as a drug dealer.

  4. Lets not forget someone could easily PLANT drugs in a locker of someone they don’t like.
    Just because the contraband is found, doesn’t mean the locker-owner is guilty.

  5. #1, I heard they were looking for Donovan supporters.

  6. if a student had grass in his locker and took it out a dog could smell it for a couple days after.

  7. Rut ro….

  8. Anonymous:

    if a student had grass in his locker and took it out a dog could smell it for a couple days after.

    While that is the case, it would not result in any action, being that there is no evidence. You can’t charge someone with possessing something that you know was there but no longer is.

  9. Will they pull up in Saudino’s MRAP for effect ?

  10. I guess the Bergen County PD is looking for a PR stunt after getting negative press over their BS speed traps and stop sign nonsense (such as in Hasbrouck heights onto 46 west)

  11. Agreed #8 but the circumstances would warrant parental notification, and then it would become a family matter.

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