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Bergenfield OK’s A Company to Grow and Manufacture Cannabis

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Bergenfield NJ , the Bergenfield Borough Council voted on Tuesday to allow a company to grow and manufacture cannabis in a vacant storefront on Washington Avenue that was once a popular roller-skating rink.

The 4-1 vote came after some residents voiced concerns that such a business along the borough’s main thoroughfare would encourage drug use and damage Bergenfield’s reputation.

But borough officials said they felt an obligation to explore the possibility given the potential tax revenue at stake.

7 thoughts on “Bergenfield OK’s A Company to Grow and Manufacture Cannabis

  1. This is great news for people that need this for medical reasons. Follow the science.

  2. Medical reasons, my ass. People just want to get high, legally, and the whole medical marijuana movement was just a way of getting to a middle ground. Rx’s were written for just about any medical issue, both real and imagined.

    1. People like you always halt forward thinking. Find yourself some literature on the topic before you voice an opinion. The real issue is opioid abuse / prescription pill abuse.

  3. we have an idea for the old kmart stop and shop now

  4. For the naysayers, what about alcohol addiction? We’re cool with people getting drunk and potentially violent but God forbid someone gets a little high, hungry and sleepy.

  5. Wow so racist.
    It puts the drug dealers in Paterson Newark and Camden out of business

  6. Washington Avenue looks like the Great Depression and has been getting worse. Nothing but vacant stores with no prospective tenants. The fact that ANY BUSINESS wants to do business in Bergenfield should make every town resident eternally grateful. The next step would be to overturn the ordinance that doesn’t allow the sale of marijuana. All those vacant stores could sell it and god-forbid give people a reason to come to this ugly town letting the few “surviving” local businesses thrive.

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