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Beyond Salvageable Saddle River Historic Hardware Store Demolished


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Saddle River NJ, the borough’s circa-1840 hardware store on East Allendale Road, vacant since 2016, was torn down on Wednesday to make way for a new wellness center.

The building was posted as unsafe, leaving it beyond the scope of repair  in March 2022, and plans for a replacement building moved forward.

The new building will use the salvaged siding, and will be along the same design and footprint, even the same Barnstable Maroon color.

The original building is part of the nationally registered Saddle River Center Historic District, which includes Barnstable Court across the street and houses on West Saddle River Road north of East Allendale Road. First known as the Woodruff Packer Foundry, manufacturing plowshares and wagon wheels, the building was constructed over a horizontal water wheel that allowed it to harness the Saddle River to power its furnace.

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Salvageable Saddle River Historic Hardware Store Demolished

  1. Passed by yesterday, sad to see it demolished. I hope they really keep the same external look for the new building.

  2. Sept 2nd was the last flood that really ruined the building. Almost to the day, sad. Your photo is a still from the mayors video from that night as he watched the water rise. The new developer is the same one that tore down an 1830 home on East Glen Ave to build a mcmansion. And the same engineer so doubt it will match the historic nature of the area

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