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Bob Pressner : Brogan’s performance on Tuesday night was sadly predictable


Bob Pressner : Brogan’s performance on Tuesday night was sadly predictable

Brogan’s performance on Tuesday night was sadly predictable. She took the vanilla position on the Valley expansion. I knew she would walk the tightrope of non committal; she can’t be counted to cross swords with the mighty Valley. From the start of her comments she spoke of school construction that has taken place while she’s been on the Board, the fix was clearly in. Sorry, what Valley has presented as their vision in no way resembles what our schools have accomplished in construction over the past 10 – 12 years. To compare students’ experiences during the school construction and Valley’s proposed renovations is a reach too far. What Valley proposes for their 15 acre parcel is ridiculous, and the impact will be dramatic.

The expectation of 10 years as the time frame for construction, is also short sided. The effects of this expansion, but more importantly the changing of the Master Plan will have far reaching effects on all of our children’s learning experiences. The area around Valley will be changed forever. In my opinion, not for the better. Changing the Master Plan will also allow for developers to challenge our future concerns regarding growth based on the precedent that will have been established. We are at a cross roads in the future of Ridgewood, and it is time for all of our fellow residents to step up, speak up, and be heard.

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