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>BOE Adds Insult to Grieving Parents’ Agony

>On Thursday April 9th, The Fly reported on the plight of South Irving Street residents Donald and Kathleen Winfield, whose son Ted died unexpectedly at home on July 27, 2008. Ted, a1999 graduate of RHS, was an exceptionally gifted athlete. He had a successful high school athletic career in both football and track & field.

Don and Kathy had requested that friends wishing memorialize their late son do so by sending donations to the RHS Athletic Scholarship Fund, c/o Ridgewood High School, 627 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450.

As was reported here by The Fly and in the most recent edition of The Ridgewood News, an unspecified number of donors’ checks received by a high school staff member were misplaced for eight (8) months. When those checks were finally located, they were given to Mr. & Mrs. Winfield.

Now, Don and Kathy have found themselves in the position of having to personally contact donors, and explain the circumstances surrounding checks that were not submitted for deposit. They hope donors will submit replacement checks for any that can no longer be deposited, thus assuring the availability of maximum scholarship dollars.

The Fly wonders why misplaced checks were returned to Mr. & Mrs. Winfield. Why didn’t the BOE take responsibility for contacting donors to explain what happened? The mistake occurred at RHS, not at the Winfield home; why must Don and Kathy explain a BOE mistake? And, is it appropriate for Ted’s parent’s to know how much a donor gave in memory of their son?

Clearly, someone at the BOE made a bad call here. It would appear they were just trying to distance themselves from the mistake instead of doing the right thing.

Some things never change . .


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