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>BOE Elections: the Handicapping Continues

>BOE Elections: the Handicapping Continues

The light and turf debacle are a distant memory now….people have short memories.

It’s not easy to predict how this election will pan out but let’s take a look…

Sheila – her base is reliable and they will remember to vote. 1600 votes.

Laurie – similar to Sheila, she has a faithful group of followers…I say 1500 votes.

Chris – the wildcard…it’s not a secret that she is the overwhelming recommendation of the CRR (anti-Valley crowd). That’s worth 600-700 votes alone. This is hard to forecast but I think she earns 1200 total votes. That’s not a bad number for a first-timer with limited name recognition (so far).

All bets are off however if folks get strategic and only vote for one person…i.e. Selective Voting. That scenario will keep Ms Krauss close to the leaders.

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