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Borough Meetings in Glen Rock Go Remote

Glen Rock Police Dept

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Glen Rock NJ, Bourgh of Glen Rock has gone fully remote for all meetings for the 1st quarter of  2022.

We are seeing a spike in cases this week throughout Bergen County.  This is likely due to the increase in testing of both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals pre-holiday. We expect another increase in cases next week.  Please note, these numbers do not include rapid testing or at home testing.  
If you were vaccinated and qualify for a booster, please schedule one ASAP.  Stay home if you are ill and follow the CDC guidelines to keep one another safe from this virus. 
As a response to these increases, the Borough has gone remote for all meetings for the 1st quarter of the new year.  The Mayor and Council Reorganization meeting will be held via zoom on January 5th.  All committee and commission meetings will be held virtually until such time that it is safe to return to in person.
We are all in this together.
Ever Forward,
Kristine R. Morieko
Mayor of Glen Rock


6 thoughts on “Borough Meetings in Glen Rock Go Remote

  1. Seems like a wise move. Wonder why we don’t at least offer it as a option?

  2. Our Council will talk about it in late January. What’s to talk about?

  3. Our council has been remote from the taxpayers for years.

    Comrades, have you ever taken the time to read the council minutes and see some of the resolutions they’ve passed?

    Look at the way our Mayor signs her weekly posts, “Ever Forward.” Glen Rock is in competition with Ridgewood to see which town can be the biggest left wing laughing stock.

    Note the way she was allowed to slip into the job so she could run as an incumbent.

  4. Semper anticus – moving forward.
    Used by US 45th Infantry Division.

  5. Semper anticus, meaning ever forward, is the motto of the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

  6. Susan-Mike-Lorraine are the three-headed bloc that does not want any public input. What a sloppy mess they are

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