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Concerned Residents of Ridgewood has decided to endorse Stephen Wellinghorst in the upcoming Nov 2nd election for Council.

Over the last month CRR has reviewed each candidate’s, platform, statements made by the candidates in the media, witnessed their performance at the debate, and most importantly, interviewed each candidate personally. The personal interviews covered a wide range of topics including; revitalizing downtown, the current fiscal crisis, parking, Graydon Pool, Valley, safety, and the candidate’s vision for Ridgewood.

“We are looking for a candidate that fulfills the following criteria”, said Paul Gould, spokesperson for the group. “Credibility, aligned with our platform on a broad range of critical Village issues, electability, and the candidate’s ability to work with the existing Council. We feel that Stephen Wellinghorst scores best on all these measures and so he has received CRR’s endorsement for Nov 2nd.”

Asked about the current situation with the legal case Gould said that, membership of CRR continues to grow from all neighborhoods and people’s resolve remains strong. “We are currently focused on building up our legal fund and preparing for the court battles that are coming” he said. “We call on new members to join us in this fight to preserve Ridgewood’s character in the interests of all Ridgewood residents.”

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