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Bridget Kelly Endorses Linda T. Barba for Bergen County Executive

“Entrepreneur. Small Businesswoman. Fiscal Conservative. Loyal.

These are the qualities that Linda T. Barba possesses and that is why I am backing her candidacy to be the next Bergen County Executive.

For years, and especially in the aftermath of COVID-19, Linda has spent day in and day out supporting and promoting local small businesses.  She understands that the backbone of Bergen County is not comprised of career politicians and their out of county cronies, but of the men and women who work each and every day in small businesses throughout this great County.  In my opinion, Linda is the ideal person to be the Republican Party’s standard bearer heading into this year’s election.  

Unfortunately, there are individuals that may be FROM our party but exist and live OUTSIDE BERGEN COUNTY fthat are trying to derail Linda’s candidacy. Who are they? Well, they are the same guys who believe in skirting the truth and spend their time in public office bullying anyone they see as ‘useless,’ or someone they see as a threat. Well, I see Linda as someone who won’t bow to a bully, and as any of you can imagine, I respect her for her decency, loyalty, and steadfast demeanor.

We are at a point where we have to change the dynamic and we need to change the way we look at who serves in public office.  More than ever, we need someone from the private sector who knows how to balance a budget, run a responsive office, and govern in a way that benefits ALL of BERGEN COUNTY. 

I support Linda because I truly believe the old way of governing needs to end.  I ran on that message last year, and my feelings have not changed.  We do not need to bring back the old; we need to bring in the new.  And Linda is just the right WOMAN for the job.

Please join me in supporting businesswoman Linda T. Barba. Make a donation by clicking here.

We can fix Bergen County.  But to do so, we need to ensure that our County has Linda T. Barba as its next County Executive.

My best,

Bridget Kelly”

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