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>Cameras and guards alter the environment at the high school

>In a post 9-11 world, I understand that there are necessary security concerns that must be addressed. Over the past few years, the Board of Ed has been installing security cameras in all of the Ridgewood Public schools, with GW as the first pilot school. These cameras have two purposes. One is to help administrators catch students that commit vandalism or the like; the other is to provide a peace of mind for everyone in the building. Safety should be a pertinent issue in schools, and using technology to make the school environment a better place is a good thing.
To parents, the presence of security guards at the High School seems like a good thing. I see them as that too. They help direct traffic in the morning, patrol the parking lot for cars that do not have parking permits, and register visitors. I do not mean to belittle what they do; though I feel that they are not necessary – at least not the number that currently exist at the high school.

There are now security guards stationed at the main entrances at the high school, where teachers used to sit and sign people in. I appreciate that they help “maintain order” by walking around the school and doing other things, though I do not think an additional security guard is needed at the high school, as proposed by the Bd.
of Ed. In the 2008-2009 budget.

Cameras and guards alter the environment at the high school. The cameras, at least, help with locker room theft. But, I feel Ridgewood High School is a community high school, not a “public” high school that needs to become a secure fortress. Security measures are needed, but not to this extent. The school system should at least not expand the current security program. What’s next; metal detectors? It might seem far off, but I once thought security guards and cameras in the Ridgewood Schools were only a figment of the imagination.

I do not think RHS should add an additional security guard, as proposed by next year’s budget. What do you think?

-A Ridgewood Student


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