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Campaign Senior Advisor Reveals NJ Gov Phil Murphy to Impose COVID Vax Mandate AFTER Re-Election

Phill Murphy -Sara Medina del Castillo

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, the New Jersey Republican State Committee (“NJGOP”) issued the following statement in response to new reporting (detailed below):

“This extremely disturbing video appears to confirm what the Murphy campaign has been hinting at – and the NJGOP has been warning about – throughout the summer: that a second Murphy term will bring about the same type of vaccine passports seen in Bill de Blasio’s New York, burdening already suffering businesses and discriminating against minority communities in which immunization rates are lower,” said NJGOP Executive Director Tom Szymanski.

Project Veritas Video :

He continued: “From the beginning of the pandemic, Phil Murphy has been following political science, as opposed to actual science. Purposefully hiding this life-changing information until after the election is as deceitful as it gets. Phil Murphy must immediately state his intentions on this matter before voting ends next week and disclose whether or not data of thousands of New Jerseyans already entered into the Docket App has been harvested for the purpose of implementing a vaccine passport.”

As the New Jersey Republican Party has said over, and over, and over again, expect mandatory vaccine passports if Governor Phil Murphy is re-elected.

Now, new footage allegedly from inside Murphy campaign headquarters appears to show Wendy Martinez confirming that this is the case and even cited a desire to hide this policy from independent and undecided voters, implying such a policy is likely to turn voters against Murphy if revealed before Election Day.

Wendy Martinez is a paid vendor of the Phil Murphy for Governor campaign, with her L.L.C. (Atabey Consulting) having received more than $60,000 dollars in payment from the campaign thus far. She also serves on a subcommittee of the “Restart and Recovery Advisory Council,” which advises Murphy on COVID policy.

16 thoughts on “Campaign Senior Advisor Reveals NJ Gov Phil Murphy to Impose COVID Vax Mandate AFTER Re-Election

  1. New Jersey voters are lame , this will only help Gov. Goldman Sachs.
    If he said he was going to seal everyone in their houses for 6 months he’d win 75 percent to 10 percent.

  2. Murphy advisor “cited an intentional desire to hide this policy from independent and undecided voters”

    There ya go. Murphy will impose a vaccine passport on New Jerseyans if (God forbid) he is elected for a second term. And has an intentional desire to hide this.

    That would mean the small businesses that Murphy is now forcing to pay more payroll taxes will also be negatively effected by a Murphy vaccine passport. A vaccine passport mandate also means that minorities who have been hesitant to get the Covid needle jab will be restricted by the Murphy administration as to where they can and cannot go (segregation much?).

    If you’re an undecided voter you now have this gift of information that Murphy is NOT being honest and transparent with us and he will once again put NJ in a state of economic decline and restrictive rules for thee with a vaccine passport mandate.

    You can’t possibly give in to this type of outright tyranny if you believe in the core values of America as the land of liberty and home of the free.

    Vote Murphy OUT. Or expect your civil liberties to be chipped away.

  3. He’s an asshole.

  4. He’s a tyrant.If he’s re elected we are in deep trouble.
    Our taxes are high and going higher.

  5. No chance he loses. Far too many libs in NJ who love to be part of the herd, no ability to think on their own and are convinced big government is good .

  6. Vote for Jack! Put NJ on a better path. No sanctuary state, no crt, no mandates, no business bashing!

  7. He is a despicable coward. He should have the courage of his convictions and not hide his true intent. He wants jersey to be more like California, let’s start with a recall

  8. “Vax Mandate AFTER Re-Election”

    Follow the science politics.

    Apparently Murphy thinks that vaccines and COVID restrictions are basically BS.
    Got It.

  9. Send the carpet bagger back to mass!

  10. “No chance he loses.”

    No chance he wins legitimately.

    But yes, no chance he loses.

    The amount/degree of voter fraud and election fraud applied is, since Hill’s crashing defeat in 2016, carefully calibrated to produce victory, no matter how many legitimate votes the opposing candidate receives.

    Trump won New Jersey in 2020.
    But the 2020 election in New Jersey was not handled legitimately. As a result, Biden was allowed to swipe New Jersey’s electoral votes from Trump.

  11. This issue is getting “airplay” elsewhere than just NJ, BTW…

  12. wake-up Jerzey sheeple! BTW he also followed almost every move by his big bro Cuomo- his Covid 19 nursing home
    edict was a “carbon copy” of New York State’s. Wants to be “Kalifornya East”.

  13. More proof that Murphy governs by deception.
    Hiding his true agenda from voters. Then forge ahead full throttle after the election with anything he feels like imposing on NJ residents. Just as one of Murphy’s advisers said in the video “Murphy will do the mandate after the election, guns blazing, who cares, now we do X, Y, Z”.

    Whoa! You’ve got to be kidding me if still you vote for Murphy after knowing this about him.

    Beware Murphy, the Tyrant of Trenton, who obviously doesn’t give one crap about your civil rights.

    Vote Murphy out now before it’s too late.

  14. Anyone see Biden and Governor Bicuspid taking a victory lap yesterday in Kearny for an improvement project authorized by Trump…?

  15. They are going to require that all of our children aged 5 and up are jabbed with an experimental gene therapy drug with no control group safety studies. Just wait. There have been 500 kids under 17 that have died from Covid.
    Better chance of dying of the flu or drowning under 17. Kids don’t transmit nearly as much as fully vaxxed adults. Why on God green Earth would I put an experimental drug in my 8 year olds arm, with no safety studies, with no way to file legal recourse with a virus that he is .000005% chance of risk of?
    It does not make any sense. Can someone explain this to me? Why are they so anxious to push this on kids? The math does not make any sense. Am I the only one with a calculator?

  16. I have an 8 yr old and will NEVER, EVER jab my kid even if it means he won’t be allowed to go to school. I will never voluntarily make my kid a guinea pig for insane politics and experiments. I don’t even bother to understand anymore, this world has clearly been taken over by evil.

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