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Central Business District Panel Discussions – January 21, 2015 at 7:30PM

Central Business District  Panel Discussions – January 21, 2015 at 7:30PM

Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli has scheduled another CBD Panel Discussion for January 21, 2015 from 7:30PM to 9PM. It will be held in the Village Hall Court Room. The two topics for discussion will be – CBD Parking and Blue Laws.

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23 thoughts on “Central Business District Panel Discussions – January 21, 2015 at 7:30PM

  1. “The two topics for discussion will be – CBD Parking and Blue Laws.” Now do you see what they are doing! Blue Laws who started this? This town is full of restaurants. What does blue laws have to do with anything. Rents are to high to bring any stores in that would be affected by Blue Laws Well Paulie the Greek and his marry Chamber really have the Three Amigos ears. This is going to turn into West New York.

  2. They are just going through the motions have all these panel discussion. Just look at some of the members that were on the last panel. Yes let all go to the meeting and before you go in don’t for get to pick the target and put it on your back

  3. ALBERT PUCCIARELL should go back to NYC. and take your N Y transplants with you. Is that civil enough for you Albert or do you what me to rephrase it for you.

  4. You can take Albert out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the Albert!

  5. Maybe if the stores in town open on a friday night whet the village is crowded they would do more business.

  6. Yes #5 they don’t stay open at night or for the tree lighting but the Chamber lead by Paulie the Greek and Merry Chamber may be behind this Blue Law panel discussion. what does Albert care about Blue Laws. Someone must have put the bug in his ear.

    Just look whats happing under the watch. Pushing tenements in the CBD. Parking garages, Blue Laws. Valet parking for the friend in the restaurants.

  7. your right the stores should be open late, and then they make more money.

  8. have the police pick up the barricades , they have the time. what are they doing at 2am to 5am.

  9. Why don’t you comunity service some , give back to Ridgewood and pick up some barricades or better yet have the Chamber members go out and move them out of the way

  10. Maybe the Mayor and Council should pick up the barricades along with Pauilie the Greek and his Merry Chamber it was their fuction.

  11. well who put them out should pick them up after the event. right.

  12. Maybe they should come over and wash your car #8 after all their not doing anything.n Just leave your BMW out and one of the boys will come over and give it a good shine between 2am and 5am

  13. #8 must have a problem with the cops because he doesn’t mention fireman.

  14. No problem with the chairs and tables on the sidewalks right #8

  15. Yes #11 and it wasn’t the cops in was the town DPW.

  16. I agree with #8 the cops and fireman should pick up leaves between 2an and 5 am after al their not doing anything.Right #8

    1. why I though they rolled up the sidewalks and turned off the street lights lol

  17. I guess #11 hasn’t been around long enough to see how Downtown for the Holidays woks. The DPW delivers the barricades to select intersection with their trucks The cop then come along when the event starts and place them in the street. At the end of the event the cops removed them from the street and place them to the side for pick up by DPW and their trucks. So yes ” who put them there should pick them up”

  18. Thats a good one #17. They do. Our Mayor is trying for another 0% tax increase so the lights must go out but we do have a new bike lane incase you want to ride your bike to one of our many restaurants

  19. 0% Property Tax increase = Barricades picked up on Monday

  20. Just think we had a 20 post thread over pure bull sh– t . If we cancelled the downtown for the holidays the whiners would have nothing to bitch about

  21. Your bitches are the only ones that matter #21

  22. this is great fun, sit back and type away. it,s all good.

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