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>Central Business District Relighting Project

>The CBD Street Lighting Project is starting with the removal of the old PSE&G poles. 4 poles have been removed; additional ones will be removed when the PSE&G (lighting utility) crew is able to mobilize to perform the work.

Once sufficient poles have been removed, the Village’s contractor (Solar-Mite Electrical) will start constructing the new light pole bases.

Each business along East Ridgewood Avenue will receive a hand delivered letter on April 20th to keep them informed about the work. Unfortunately, due to the intermittent pace of PSE&G’s old pole removal, it will be difficult to know precisely where and when the next phases of the work will be on a day to day basis.

Construction activities will cause disruption to the area. Loud equipment will be in operation. On-street parking spaces will be blocked off as necessary to provide construction access to the light poles. Lane or road closures may occur when the underground electrical conduit is installed. The contractor will attempt to keep sidewalks passable. Businesses will have to move outdoor displays and cafes when construction is occurring in their area.

The exact length of the project is unknown due to variables, such as the condition of the existing underground electrical conduit. If the existing underground electrical conduit are found to be in unsatisfactory condition and needs to be replaced, the project length will increase and cause greater disruption. We estimate that it will take about 3 months to substantially complete this phase of the project.

Please notify the Village of dates of any events your business may be hosting that may conflict with construction activities. We will try to coordinate the work to cause the least disruption to you.

Village Contact: 201/670-5500 x238 or

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