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>Christie: reopening hospital in Westwood is ‘the right decision

>Christie: reopening hospital in Westwood is ‘the right decision
Wednesday February 29, 2012, 5:46 PM
Pascack Valley Community Life

Governor Christie called the reopening of the old Pascack Valley Hospital as Hackensack UMC at Pascack Valley “the right decision,” in a town hall meeting held in Westwood on Wednesday, Feb. 29.

Christie drew a thunderous applause from the 350 people who squeezed into the Westwood Community Center that morning when congratulating the community on the news that the state health commissioner issued a certificate of need to HUMC on Monday.

“I’m confident that the level of clinical services will be excellent at this new facility,” Christie said. “Hackensack University Medical Center North will be a place where you’re going to be able to bring your family and feel confident that they’re going to receive the most excellent care you can receive anywhere in America.”

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