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Common Core Educational Standards


Common Core Educational Standards
April 15th 2013

You’ll recall the ruckus raised recently on this site and throughout the village when the Ridgewood district first resisted, then disingenuously revised the district’s math offerings, improving some circumstances at the elementary level but leaving the middle schools in particular in a world of hurt.

Well the time may have come to begin pinging on the Ridgewood district once again.  As many people are aware, there is a nationalization effort well underway that will deprive not only local school districts, but this time also state educational leaders of the ability to maintain true stadards to provide students the opportunity to master critical academic subjects before they leave the fold to attend college.  Will the Ridgewood district fall prey once again to faddish change for change’s sake?

The following web-page has interesting information about Common Core, as well as links to further information.

Does anyone else hear the faint creak of the rusty hinges of the proverbial cheap camera as it commences folding once again?  There is no acacemic standard so poor that it can’t be weakened still further by advantageously-positioned and ideologically-motivated individuals such as our illustrious Assistant Superintendent in charge of Curriculum, Ms. Botsford.

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