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Computer Simulation Predicts Seahawks Over Broncos, 24-21


Computer Simulation Predicts Seahawks Over Broncos, 24-21
January 27, 2014 2:45 PM

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Seahawks and the Broncos will only play once for the title of Super Bowl champion. The game won’t be played on a computer, but on the field. But that doesn’t stop people from trying to guess what will happen on the field, with what happens in a computer simulation.

Prediction Machine’s Predictalator ran a simulation of Sunday’s Super Bowl 50,000 times, and found that the most likely score has the Seahawks beating the Broncos, 24-21.

Of the 50,000 simulations, the Seahawks won 54.8% of the time, and the Broncos 45.2% of the time.

The Broncos are currently a 2.5 point favorite at most sports books.

2 thoughts on “Computer Simulation Predicts Seahawks Over Broncos, 24-21

  1. This same computer had RHS beating Montclair back in December.

  2. A similar Monte Carlo done by EA sports on Madden had Denver winning 24-21.

    And on Sunday we will all get an education about why not everybody in the Stock Market makes money on every position.

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