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Confusion Reigns In Ridgewood Over Pick Up Of Storm Debris – The Real Deal Explained Here

Photo Credit: Boyd A. Loving

Confusion Reigns In Ridgewood Over Pick Up Of Storm Debris – The Real Deal Explained Here
November 3,2012
Boyd A. Loving
7:34 PM

Ridgewood NJ, From the Village of Ridgewood website: “Residents are reminded that branches are not permitted to be placed on the street.”

As noted by the accompanying photos, the above message seems to be confusing to many residents who feel as though branches placed between the curb and sidewalk will be picked up by Village workers as they are not “on the street.”

However, SEVERAL official sources have advised me that the Village will NOT be picking up branches regardless of where they are placed. Repeat: VILLAGE WORKERS WILL NOT PICK UP YOUR STORM DEBRIS, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LEAVE IT, WHETHER IT IS BUNDLED & TIED, IN BAGS, OR IN BARRELS.

The only way to dispose of your storm debris is to have a private contractor remove it, or bring it to the Recycling Center on East Glen Avenue yourself.

Your tax dollars at work . . . or not.

Photo Credit: Boyd A. Loving

9 thoughts on “Confusion Reigns In Ridgewood Over Pick Up Of Storm Debris – The Real Deal Explained Here

  1. This seems crazy to me given the amount of debris around the village. Are we not in a federal diaster area or are there government (FEMA) funds available for cleanup? I get the normal pickup schedule but this is very out of the ordinary and sometimes accomidations need to be made.

  2. Who are your so called sources if any? The village will clean up when all is said and done.

  3. They picked up a downed town tree on my street Thursday, and the leaves. The town workers were very helpful.

  4. This is another move by the village to rid themselves of the burden of having town trees. If that’s the case, then let me cut them down and save thousands of dollars per year cleaning up after them.

  5. 2 town trees in front of my house. Please cut them down

  6. After the storm, I was given a warning and told I had to separate out my “branches” from my leaves. Since I had no branches come down and only twigs from the storm in my pile, I took the worker to the street and asked him “what branches?” He agreed I did not have branches but told me to place my twigs (and, yes, they really are twigs) in a separate pile as they would be using a vacuum truck in my area. I spent two hours turning over my piles, pullling out the twigs as directed. And now I have to take my twigs to the recycling center? C’mon. For the past 20 years, the vacuum truck has sucked up my twigs just fine, thank you. And, to make matters worse, I see a Village truck with two guys just riding around the neighborhood doing nothing for an hour while I’m sorting twigs. So they have enough workers to write warnings about twigs, and ride around doing nothing, but not enough workers to actually pick up leaves? Pleeeeeeeeze.

    Very happy to say that Sanitation Department has been outstanding but they always are.

  7. My leaves and limbs were separated. The workers cut up the town tree on Wednesday and picked it up Thursday. There were no power lines in the mess. Everything worked as expected.

  8. Did they pick up the leaves #7?

  9. Separate your downed trees as follows:
    1) Leaves
    2) Twigs
    3) Branches
    4) Limbs
    5) Trunks
    6) Misc ( Loose bark, acorns etc. )

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