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Congressional Candidate Frank Pollotta Spells Out the Environmental Impact of the Apple Ridge Site

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Mahwah NJ, congressional candidate Frank Pollotta was interviewed by CBS New York this afternoon in a follow-up to a story about elevated levels of arsenic at the former Apple Ridge Golf and Country Club in Mahwah.

Pollotta stated ,”As many of you know, my own testing revealed elevated arsenic levels in the soil late last year—a key ingredient in the pesticides used on the property decades ago.

Developers removed over 1,000 trees from the property, which consequently led to toxic runoff into the streets of Upper Saddle River and Mahwah, as well as the Pleasant Brook. Long periods of arsenic exposure have been linked to liver and kidney damage, along with cancer, by the World Health Organization.

My testing, which was processed by an accredited laboratory, uncovered arsenic levels that were nearly FOUR times the allowable state levels for drinking water in the onsite retention basin. It also showed elevated levels in adjacent discharge tubes and tributaries.

I’m grateful that since those findings became public, local and state authorities have worked together with the developers and all sides in ensuring the safety of our streams and groundwater. I’ll continue to keep everyone informed on this important matter.”

One thought on “Congressional Candidate Frank Pollotta Spells Out the Environmental Impact of the Apple Ridge Site

  1. Something definitely needs to be done. This is not normal. I’ve been around construction sites my whole life. This is out of control. Toll brothers is a very big corporation they should know better.

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