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Congressman Gottheimer Joins Governor Murphy Promoting Anti Police Policies that Threaten Public Safety

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Mahwah NJ, According to, Gov. Phil Murphy plans to sign a bill releasing thousands of criminals from jail on November 4th, the day after Election Day.

Frank Pallotta, businessman and Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District, released the following statement:

“Our Congressman, Josh Gottheimer is clearly taking a hard stance against Law & Order and against the people of my district. Let’s take a look at the facts:

  1. Josh Gottheimer voted to allow cashless bail for dangerous criminals.
  2. Josh Gottheimer voted against $600 million in funding for law enforcement. 
  3. Josh Gottheimer co-sponsored HR7120, which removes legal protections from police officers, exposing them to criminal charges for simply doing their jobs. 
  4. Josh Gottheimer remains silent while his buddy, Phil Murphy, plans to release criminals from our jails, and let them back into our cities the day after the election.”

Pallotta continued, “By remaining silent on this reckless, dangerous plan by Gov. Murphy, Josh Gottheimer is enabling crime to flood our streets and making it known that he is 100% anti-police and pro-crime, with no backbone. Knocking almost a year off these criminals’ sentences sends a clear message to criminals that they will not be held accountable for their actions.”

(Source: Gottheimer’s Roll Call Vote #214, 10/1/20, H.R.925)


6 thoughts on “Congressman Gottheimer Joins Governor Murphy Promoting Anti Police Policies that Threaten Public Safety

  1. HR7120 doesn’t remove legal protections for “just doing their jobs” it means when there is excessive use of force the police can be held accountable, that is a good thing for everyone. It also creates a national registry so police who have a record of excessive force can be tracked. This means the smaller number of “bad” cops so to speak can be separated from the overwhelming number of good cops out there so only the bad ones get bad rep.

    Is the bill in case anyone is interested since James doesn’t source he only speculates.

    Transparency is good for the public and the police relationship and should ease tensions between the two that are at an all time high.

  2. Not to worry.
    Your neighbors will vote him back in.

  3. So when you let the criminals go free is the government responsable when they harm someone? That should be on his platform also. It’s not a 1 sided street. Don’t vote for either one of these ass hats. Your families safety is at stake

  4. He turned his back on law enforcement and his constituents. As a right of center person, I helped promote him in prior years and have met him so many times. He always seemed moderate and I felt he was more of what the democrat party needs to prevent radical leftists from taking over…but he clearly caved to the mob!

  5. Why are you using a photo that’s a year old? Seems a bit inflammatory, don’t you think?

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