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Congressman Tom Malinowski Called Out on Bigoted Comments


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

n NJ, Following reports and video footage of Congressman Malinowski stating that we need illegal immigrants to “mow our beautiful lawns” and laughing at the idea of his educated audience mowing lawns, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt had the following strong message for the Congressman:“Plenty of legal New Jersey residents landscape for a living or cut their own grass. They would all be mortified by your limousine liberal, elitist comments. You drawing a parallel between one’s intellectual capacity and their willingness to do manual labor just shows how out of touch you are with your constituents. We are all coming to understand what it means to have a Congressman who rents in New Jersey and lives in Washington, and we don’t like it. Apologize for your offensive comments if you want, but we all see you now Congressman.”

One thought on “Congressman Tom Malinowski Called Out on Bigoted Comments

  1. He’s a “D”.
    Its OK.
    “D”‘s get a pass on racist comments.

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