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Congressmen Gottheimer Receives 70% of his campaign Donations from outside his state, and nearly 80% from outside the 5th District

Josh Gottheimer

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

RAMSEY NJ,  Frank Pallotta Republican Congressional candidate from New Jersey’s 5th District released the following statement regarding Josh Gottheimer’s Special Interest Donors.

In live zoom debate last night, it was revealed that my opponent, Josh Gottheimer, receives more than 70% of his campaign donations from outside his state, and nearly 80% from outside of his district; and yet he attacked me for using my own money on my own campaign.  Josh has also refused to acknowledge when asked, that he wouldn’t be indebted to those large corporate donors and special interests.

It was also discovered that 10 out of his top 20 donors are Wall Street investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms, confirming that he would be beholden to their special interests and not to the people in his district who he was elected to serve.

Josh represents the worst of Washington insiders, and the primary reason there is such mistrust in our political process

5 thoughts on “Congressmen Gottheimer Receives 70% of his campaign Donations from outside his state, and nearly 80% from outside the 5th District

  1. You’ll never meet a poor politician

  2. Just take down the roadside signs you runt.

  3. Part of this:

    The crime wave engulfing American cities will spread to the suburbs.

    Crime is on the rise once again the the big cities controlled by Democrats. Shootings incidents have doubled in New York City—and murders are up 40 percent compared with last year. Burglaries are up 41.8 percent year to date.

    The Democrats plan to lower crime in the cities is to ship it out into the suburbs. The problem is not the lack of policing or releasing criminals without bail—it’s that the cities have too many poor people, according to Biden. So his policy is to social engineer the urban poor out into the suburbs through aggressive use of federal housing policies.

    And don’t forget: the Democrats think that Trump’s campaign for “law and order” is racist dog whistling. Their voters are marching in the streets—and increasingly into the suburbs—in protests against the police. Don’t expect them to stop the crime wave from crashing into our neighborhood streets and parks.

  4. Hey Josh, you know you will easily win your re election so why pollute the landscape with your garbage signs? Same for Pallota but in a much smaller scale. Remove these eyesores, we are distracted enough already.
    And to all RW village idiots. There is no need for political signs on your lawn. Vote as you wish but the majority doesn’t care what your preferences are. Keep this place nice and neat. It’s the least you can do to contribute something positive in this rapidly declining place. It is interesting how closer to CBD you are the more signs you see. Typical urban minds.

  5. In response to the 4th post, I agree 100%.

    I don’t care who you are voting for even if I happen to agree with you…

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