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>Connected and enVision Math a boom for the math tutoring business

>Connected and enVision Math a boom for the math tutoring business

Wow, it sure is a “I told you so” moment. Sad how educators are ruining education from Ridgewood to NYC all in the name of, “it’s for the children.”

Regina has to go and Daniel has to fix this pronto. Not another year should go by with our children being subjugated to either Connected or enVision Math.

Write the cost of both programs off, admit our mistake and implement Singapore Math ASAP. Then parents, teachers and even older siblings will be able to help our kids learn math.

A friend of mine sarcastically quipped that he loves these new crappy math programs. That’s because he owns a math tutoring business.

The marketplace never lies. Create a demand and it will be filled. My friends business is booming. Way to go Regina I had know idea your goal was to create more jobs in the private sector. And all this time I had you pegged as a lefty liberal. My bad. Sorry.

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