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Court Documents Tell a Very Different Story in, “Saurabh Dani vs. Ridgewood Board of Education”

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Ridgewood NJ, Court Documents tell a very different story in,” Saurabh Dani vs. Ridgewood Board of Education “.  In  Dani vs. Ridgewood Board of Education pay special attention to the very last paragraph, “prevailing party, plaintiff is entitled to an award..attorneys’ fees…It does appear Mr Morgan and the BOE were attempting to spread misinformation! Mr Dani is not seeking any damages, even though he can, Mr  Morgan is being told to pay attorney fees because he lost .

6 thoughts on “Court Documents Tell a Very Different Story in, “Saurabh Dani vs. Ridgewood Board of Education”

  1. So someone at the school board cooked up a story to influence the election?

    Looks like someone is going to pay for it.

  2. That entire Board needs to be removed! Ridgewood deserves a new slate.

  3. Morgan must be kicking himself for posting on Facebook. BACK FIRE much!

  4. This was coordinated between Morgan, Fishbein and Chris. Morgan read the statement, Chris seconded him.
    During the closed session – there were at least three people who did not want to settle. If i have to bet, that would be Morgan, Kaufman, and Mahmoud.
    Wilson and Brogan are more measured, to know well that it will go against the board to not settle.
    So, bottomline – Chris, Morgan and Mahmoud will have to answer to the residents one way or the other.

  5. Why are we represented by an “education lawyer” and not an attorney that knows and understands OPRA law?

  6. The current board needs to be turned over in whole, boards speak with “one voice”. Voting for DANI KWAK LEMBO is a good start, once you have solid representatives, other board members will either join them in working together for the good of all, or they will resign. The current boards irresponsible actions which cost time and money by ensuing in litigation vs. being transparent in their board business dealings, was/is totally irresponsible.

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