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Cupcakes by Carousel Supports Epilepsy Awareness


Cupcakes by Carousel Supports Epilepsy Awareness

Cupcakes by Carousel sells purple cupcakes as part of “The Great Purple Cupcake Project” in Ridgewood. During the week of March 26th, bakeries across the United States are cooking up purple cupcakes in an effort to increase awareness about epilepsy nationwide. The Great Purple Cupcake Project is an initiative of The Anita Kaufmann Foundation – an epilepsy education organization and the US Sponsor of Purple Day for epilepsy awareness.

Cupcakes by Carousel at 192 East Ridgewood Avenue, which will be selling purple cupcakes throughout the week to support the cause.

Epilepsy affects more than 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide. That’s one out of every 100 people! Yet, many people living with epilepsy still face barriers due to a lack of awareness about the disorder.

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