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CVS to Offer Drive-through COVID19 testing at its facilities

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, US President Donald Trump revealed the Blueprint For Testing Plans And Rapid Response Programs, which outlines plans to increase testing capacity to 2 million tests per week across the country. The Blueprint delineates roles and responsibilities of the federal government, state/local/tribal governments, and the private sector in order to reach this goal. While the Blueprint does not call specific actors or companies to action, pharmacy chain CVS said in response that it will partner with the federal government to provide drive-through testing at its facilities, among other potential activities. Scaling up testing capacity is a major factor in many plans to safely reopen parts of the economy in the coming weeks and months. The Blueprint highlights several areas in which capacity could be scaled, including expanding the number of testing platforms, enhancing sample collection, and maximizing laboratory capacity.



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