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De-Woking of America

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the results are in for , “go woke, go broke” , reality has caught up with the narrative . And now it’s clear that even Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger himself believes that the company’s progressive “messaging” has become a problem.

While “Woke ” burnout has been palatable for months ,devolving into  defending child groomers ,prepubescent sex changes  and now terrorists .

Investment powerhouse Morgan Stanley named anti-politically correct Ted Pick as its new chairman . Pick’s reputation for swearing is so over the top , the Wall Street Journal reported in 2019 that former Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack would prank Pick by asking the compliance department to flag his emails for excessive use of expletives. So much for the offended by everything  crowd.

Then on  October 7th  Hamas terrorists launched an unprecedented surprise attack on Israel in the most significant military escalation in the region since the Yom Kippur War in 1973 infiltrating the country by air, land and sea, leaving more than 1,200 people dead, and 6,900 others injured. The brutality of the attack shocked the world.

So what’s happening is the “Woke ” movement has failed to deliver the goods . Division, racism and economic disparity have grown worse. A difficult economy and two years of COVID lock-downs have led to a renewed focus on improving work related skills and a greater distrust of public and private institutions.

Making it just no longer cool to act stupid ie…WOKE.


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7 thoughts on “De-Woking of America

  1. What connection are you trying to make between wokeness and Hamas’s invasion?

      1. 100 percent James

    1. The Connection is that many people who describe themselves as “woke” have succumbed to the crazy propaganda of anti-semitic terrorists. Many of these American protestors know little about the history of Israel and Palestine and are jumping on the latest DEI/WOKE thing. Turns out it is racist and anti-semitic.

      1. Huh? DEI is racist (I dunno. maybe?) and anti-Semitic (and what’s a Semite anyway?)?

        According to BlackRock, one of the world’s most powerful money managers, DEI: “are critical to developing world-class talent and delivering for our clients in a rapidly changing world.” It’s right on the website.

        The CEO of BlackRock is Larry Fink. Larry Fink is Jewish. Do you think Larry Fink is an anti-Semitic idiot? If you do, maybe you’re the anti-Semite?

  2. It’s happening and there is actually a word for it. Young people are now saying “based,” to mean the opposite of “woke.”

  3. I am so sick of this “woke” culture. Yes, please may this stop!!!

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