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>Deli Update – Board of Adjustment Meeting Minutes from 5/12/2009

>ROGER SCHNORRBUSCH – (Postponed from 4/28/09) To request a decision from the Board, as to whether or not there was an intent to abandon a non-conforming use, namely a delicatessen in an R-2 single family residence district. In the alternative, should the Board decide the prior use was abandoned, applicant requests a use variance to permit a delicatessen in an R-2 zone at 203 S. Van Dien Avenue, Block 4301 Lot 1 in an R-2 zone. David Rutherford Attorney, and Roger Schlicht Architect, appeared representing the applicant, Roger Schnorrbusch. Mr. Schnorrbusch stated that he presently owns and operates a deli on Erie Avenue, in Midland Park. He also stated that there will be no counter, tables or stools at this location and there is no plan for outdoor seating at this time. Also the front yard will be landscaped and the black top removed. Kevin Sheehy, neighbor at 153 S. Van Dien Avenue submitted exhibit O-1, Board of Health Inspection Violation. Joseph Carfora, 211 S. Van Dien Avenue had questions regarding tenant parking. Karen Sheehy, 153 S. Van Dien Avenue objected to the application. William McLaughlin, 28 Glen Avenue, Midland Park spoke in favor of the application. Roger Schlicht submitted Exhibits A-1 colorized proposed elevation of store, A-2 4 photos of existing store, A-3 black and white proposed elevation of store, A-4 floor plan, A-5 through A-14 photos of existing interior of store. Application was carried to 5/26/09


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