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Democratic California Congressmen Embroiled in Chinese Spy Drama

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Washington DC, a suspected Chinese spy slept with at least 2 mayors and got close to Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell in a year long intelligence campaign, report says .The Chinese honey pot  aka Christine Fang, embedded herself in Bay Area politics and slept with two Midwestern mayors as part of a year long Chinese intelligence campaign, according to an Axios investigation. Fang also fundraised for Reps. Eric Swalwell and Tulsi Gabbard, both of whom ran in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, Axios said. Fang fled to China in mid-2015 amid an FBI investigation into her activities. She has not returned to the US since.

The Christine Fang story shows the lengths that Beijing goes to influence American politics, getting cozy with politicians early on in their careers so it can influence them later on. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is refusing to say if he had sex with an accused Chinese spy who cozied up to a slew of US elected officials, including him, in a bid to infiltrate the US political system. Swalwell, is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, and according to his spokesperson has cooperated with federal investigations into Fang.

8 thoughts on “Democratic California Congressmen Embroiled in Chinese Spy Drama

  1. Fang got her teeth into these 2 guys !

  2. Me love you long time!

  3. Why do we tolerate fools who’ve made a career in selling America’s wealth to foreign powers?

  4. This guy has nothing to worry about. The MSM and Social Media will pass on this story.

  5. Hah! We make them President! So sad.

  6. Absolutely 100% guilty. Guy is total scumbag piece of sh&t. Should be impeached and thrown in prison sleeping with a spy.

  7. New movie coming out this weekend….
    Eric Swalwell in….the spy who serviced me…… long time

  8. The spy that swallowed me !! But it’s Trumps fault that I’m so stupid that I let my ******* do my thinking.

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