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Do plans for a graduation ceremony at RHS violate Gov. Murphy’s ‘Stay at Home’ Order? Will people gather to watch?

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, According to a recent letter from RHS Principal Tom Gorman, the school district has planned a graduation for the Class of 2020 that will take place at RHS.
The event, which all seniors are expected to attend, would take place on to-be-determined days between June 8-12. Seniors, following the rules of social distancing, will be asked to dress in graduation gowns and tuxedos. Parents or guardians will be asked to drive them to the school at pre-assigned times, where each senior will walk along the front lawn, have their name read, take a picture in front of the school with their immediate family, and return to their car.

Will people outside of immediate family members gather within line of sight to RHS in order to witness seniors dressed in gowns and tuxedos walk across the school’s front lawn on June 8-12, thus violating the Gov.’s ‘Stay at Home’ Order?

9 thoughts on “Do plans for a graduation ceremony at RHS violate Gov. Murphy’s ‘Stay at Home’ Order? Will people gather to watch?

  1. Good for you Gorman.
    Stand your ground.
    These graduates deserve their ceremony.

  2. They do, but we need to control the people in the stands. You cannot have 5000 people.

  3. Just Wait… Feckless Fishbien will swoop in and cancel the graduation ceremony….
    It’s what he’s good at…

  4. Just received the cancellation notice from The Fish. There will be no walk on the lawn for any seniors.

  5. Important Message from Dr. Fishbein
    May 11, 2020

    Dear Ridgewood School Community,

    This weekend, all school districts in New Jersey were notified by the Department of Education, with a follow-up letter from the State Director of Emergency Management, that as per Executive Order No. 107, all high school graduations and other ceremonies, promotions, and events must be conducted virtually until the restrictions outlined in the order have been lifted. According to the directives we received on the evening of Friday, May 8, in-person activities are not permitted. The State Director of Emergency Management, Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, stated, “In light of the components of Executive Order No. 107, and in the best interest of the health and safety of the public, in-person ceremonies, including graduations, all parades, including “wave parades,” that invite people to gather at a certain location, proms, and other similar celebrations violate the enumerated conditions of the order, and should, therefore, be canceled or postponed until such time as these restrictions are lifted. Until such time, virtual celebrations and other remote forms of recognition should take the place of any in-person or public ceremonies.” Consequently, our plan for the Ridgewood High School graduation video, which involved individual students walking in front of RHS to be filmed for our virtual graduation video, is canceled. This is extremely disappointing, and I know how difficult this news will be for our seniors and their families. Our school administrators will do whatever they can within these rules to make our graduation and promotion ceremonies as special as possible under these unfortunate circumstances.

  6. Ok so when in summer time

  7. Ha Ha… Called it. Fishbein cancels graduation…. better to rollover than fight for your rights.

  8. Did you really expect Dan the Man to go up against the AG’s office? Drink much?

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