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>Double Dip?

>The APP recently updated a database on multiple job holders in NJ who double dip into our pension system. I was shocked to learn that Ridgewood abets such individuals.

Michael Barker has 3 jobs (Ridgewood – $117,864, North Haledon – $17,228, and Pompton Lakes – $22,432)
Stephen Sanzari has 4 jobs (Ridgewood – $93,989, Haworth – $5,000, Little Ferry – $3,874, Prospect Park – $35,691)
James Zaconie has 3 jobs (Ridgewood – $24,580 , Mahwah – $71,687, Ramsey – $27,337)

There may not be a problem per se with having a full time job supplemented with a part time job but there is no way that these individuals can perform all of these jobs satisfactorily to the level for which they are being compensated. They definitely should not be allowed to double dip into the state pension plan.


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